Ladder Nonsense

Ladder Licenses in Schools

Wednesday 1st of June 2011 10:33:47 AM

Welcome to our first article here on Let It Be, the site were we say enough is enough with all this political correctness gone mad.

In this day and age we continually face some form of law or legislation that either prohibits or takes away our right to make our own decisions. We are becoming a 'nanny place' to live.

The first matter which has been brought to my attention is the absurd notion a of a ladder license.

Once upon a time, in schools, when the ball went on the roof of the shelter shed kids bunked each other up and retrieved it. Then teachers had to be in the yard to supervise play time so when the ball went on the roof they retrieved it.
But then came the laws to change that. Teachers are now required to have a ladder license. This requires them to do a two day course to ensure they can correctly place a ladder against the shed, scale the steps and get the ball back.

Surely our teachers could spend those two days doing a course which will have a positive impact on their teaching abilities or, even better, in the classroom, actually teaching.

Another way in which all this political correctness has gone beyond a joke is what I like to term ‘food inspections’.

Gone are the days where treats were available to our children in their lunchboxes as a reward for all their hard work at school.

Now we expect our teachers to become ‘food inspectors’ inspecting children’s lunch boxes to ensure that our kids have the correct food. If they do not have the right quality, non-fattening items teachers will write to the parents advising them accordingly.

These kids become so embarrassed they start skipping lunch, which is even worse than eating what was in the lunchbox to start with.

I certainly think this is political correctness gone too far... Why can’t we just LET IT BE?

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Well said!
Ged Gaskell
Thursday 2nd of June 2011 09:32:21 AM